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Malcolm Jones – RIP 

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness we mourn the passing of Malcolm Jones.
He was such a lovely guy who was taken far too early.

A Service will be held on 15th July at 12.45 in the Guildford Crematorium, New Pond Road, Goldalming, GU17 3DB.

For anyone who knew Malcolm and wishes to pay their respects you are welcome to 
come along to the service.



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The latest news is that Charlie has published his biography called " Story Of A 60s Drummer". 

It tells the story from the beginning of his life, through to his musical career, finishing the book with his battle with the dreaded cancer. 

Charlie has kindly offered to donate a share of his royalties from his book to two cancer groups:-

 Second Chancers Head & Neck Cancer Support Group


  Shout At Cancer 

​So not only will you enjoy a good story, but be able to donate to the two above groups.

​Best of luck Charlie with your book.

www.spiderwize.com    or   www.amazon.com      www.amazon.co.uk     or





There are a few new photos on the "Photos" page of Mary's  Food event, plus there are 3 x photos of Pug Halliday with his daughter Lily in the Caribbean trying out his Aquather device, and managing to have a swim in the sea. Good on you Pug.






Calling all Second Chancers!

We are attempting to organise a Foodie Fest in the autumn and are in the process of working with a chef to provide a cookery demo of foods that can be enjoyed by people with swallowing difficulties.

We need your help!

Please could you email examples of foods that you can eat – and those that are definitely not on the menu.

We are compiling a list of foods that are easily swallowed, so that any chef who works with us can advise on how to make tasty and nutritious dishes, based on your good/bad experiences of swallowing foods.

As someone with swallowing difficulties, I have discovered I can now cope with all kinds of beans – butter beans, haricot beans, kidney beans – you name a bean!

I have also found out I can now enjoy some crunchy foods, so toast is back on the menu, as well as crisps, crunch crackers and cheese.

What are your experiences?

Please let us know – so others can have the opportunity to try out foods they may not have considered before.

We look forward to hearing all your comments and tips, to help make our Foodie Fest a Foodie Feast!

Contact: marypinn8@gmail.com    direct  – or  - info@secondchancers.co.uk   

Mary Bishop Pinn (Second Chancers Social Committee)



Hullo everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmastide and are looking forward to a enjoyable and optimistic 2017.

I just thought I would put down my current experiences regarding the bugbear of not being able to swallow properly – and it involves lardons!

Although I knew my swallowing capacity was a bit dented following radiotherapy, it came to the fore this Christmas when I entertained my daughter Sophie, her husband Tom, my son Henry and his girlfriend Rebecca to a free-range turkey, with all the trimmings.

My late husband Stephen, who died suddenly from a stroke in 2004 aged 62, always enjoyed serving up the festive din-dins and I have kept up the tradition.

Although I say it myself, I think I’m a competent cook and enjoy cooking for others – so I pulled out all the stops.

But I’m afraid I have been kidding myself.  My family woofed down the meal, but it was rather spoiled when I attempted to swallow a very tasty bacon lardon.

Yes, it got stuck. The effort of either trying to swallow it, or cough it back up created a lot of spluttering and concern. In the end I spat it out and contented myself with a lot of gravy and mashed up roast potato.

So- I have come to a decision.

I know now I do not have the swallowing capacity I hoped I would have and this is affecting the amount of nutrients I can swallow and absorb.

My absolutely fantastic nurse clinicians and therapists have advised me that I might be better off having a PEG re-fitted to boost up my energy levels.

And I have agreed – one reason being that I want to have enough energy to travel through Switzerland and Italy in March.

Thanks to the efforts of my surgeons, I am cancer-free and I am determined not to waste all their good efforts.

I think I have been going through a kind of bereavement process, knowing that I will probably never be able to eat and swallow a full-blown meal again, but I can still taste and smell!

And it doesn’t stop my enjoyment of seeing other people eat!

I feel a lot easier now the pressure of trying to swallow will hopefully be lifted and I can operate again with a “full tank”.

So, if anyone out there is in the same position, I would suggest you try to treat the condition as an inconvenience. There are ways to carry on living a full and enjoyable life – even if it’s without lardons!

I would be interested to know what your experiences are.


Mary Bishop Pinn







This is a great alternative to mushing or blending up roast dinner ingredients for those who have difficulty swallowing and/or chewing.



2 Chicken Breasts – pre-roasted and diced

1 egg

3-4 Maris Piper potatoes – pre-boiled and mashed

1 Red Onion

1 Clove Garlic - minced or crushed

Half a head of broccoli, cooked with florets and chopped

Add frozen peas, if desired

Olive oil

Salt & Pepper to taste

Plain flour




*Heat some olive oil in a pan and soften the onion and garlic

*Add all the ingredients – except the flour – into a bowl and mix well

*Form into eight round patties

*Coat each pattie in plain flour

*Fry patties on each side for about 10 minutes until brown

*Serve hot with lots of gravy